Voyage of Their Lives

by Chris Tattersall


He had been blessed whilst his wife perished. Six days marooned; he knew the opposite to be true. He had been cursed with life.

His yacht gone, his wife dead. Starvation threatened, and soon any meat would be inedible. He told himself it would taste like pork, apparently humans do.

Saying a silent prayer for his wife, he sliced into the flesh with a shard of glass. The leg opened easily, exposing a layer of yellowy fat. He cut again; the pain hitting soon after exposing the red strands of his muscle.

If only his wife’s body had washed up.

Chris Tattersall

Chris is a Health Service Manager and lives with his wife Hayley and Border Collie Toby in Wales, UK. He is a self-confessed flash fiction addict with some publication and competition success. He also hosts his own website with a free flash fiction competition and resources.


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