News from Sister No1

by Joel R. Hunt


Garzo grabbed my shoulder.

“Quick, check the prime stream.”

I tuned in. The newscast flickered over my vision, showing our movement’s spokesperson, Sister No1, smiling.

“Glorious day!” she said. “Our struggle against Pleasure Inc is finally over!”

I frowned. Didn’t the megacorp still control our water supply and the air farms?

Then the CEO of Pleasure Inc stepped up to Sister No1’s side.

“This morning,” he said, “Pleasure Inc bought out the Anarcho-Libertarian Collective, including its records, assets…”

He held out a trigger, thumb at the ready. My neuro-implants began to itch.

“…and the life support codes of its operatives.”


Joel R. Hunt

Joel R. Hunt is a writer, proofreader, ex-teacher, and part-time human currently residing in the UK. He has a passion for horror, science fiction, and all things bizarre. His drabbles and other short stories can be found in a range of anthologies by Black Hare Press, Eerie River Publishing, and Paper Djinn Press, among others, and he posts daily microstories on Twitter. Updates and examples of his work can be found at The Weird Worlds of Joel R Hunt.

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