This Is Where It Ends

by Wondra Vanian


Everyone knows where it started. This is where it ends.

Seven people are gathered around the fire in a draughty old cabin. They don’t look it, but they’re all that’s left of humanity.

For the next twelve and a half minutes.

That’s how long it will take the shuffling horde to trudge through the snow. After that…

The survivors aren’t fighters; haven’t even seen a zombie since before little Xander was born. They believe they’re safe.

For another nine minutes and twelve seconds, they are. They’ll enjoy the last minutes of Xander’s fifth birthday celebration.

The last minutes of humanity.


Wondra Vanian

Wondra Vanian is an American living in Wales with her husband and their army of fur babies. A writer first, Wondra’s also an avid gamer, photographer, cinephile, and blogger. She has music in her blood, sleeps with the lights on, and has been known to dance naked in the moonlight.

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