He Liked to Watch

by Jameson Grey


He liked to watch. That was Ted’s thing.

His wife would bring home one-night stands, and he’d sit behind the two-way mirror he’d installed, watching as she took lovers into their marital bed. She’d tie them to the bedposts, adding an extra frisson, and ride them until she was satisfied.

Only then would Ted appear, smiling.

He relished the fear and confusion his presence caused. He’d hand his wife his tie, or one of her silk stockings, and retreat to the corner of the room—where he’d stand, silent, as she slowly strangled her helpless conquests.

He liked to watch.

Jameson Grey

Jameson Grey is originally from England but now lives with his family in western Canada. His work has been published in Dark Dispatch, The Birdseed and anthologies from Ghost Orchid Press, Black Hare Press, Black Ink Fiction and Hellbound Books.
Website: https://jameson-grey.com


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