The Tyrant

by Andrew Kurtz


“I have been chosen by the people as a representative.  Your tyrannical ways must cease!

“Executing women who are pregnant to avoid population increase, instead of getting an abortion, is monstrous!

“Publicly burning the old and sick alive because they are unproductive to society goes beyond inhumanity!

“The people chose you to govern us because we felt you would be beneficial to society; however, we  were  mistaken,” Nicholas said as he removed a shotgun from his coat.

In an instant, a blue light disintegrated him, leaving only ash.

“Your requests have been denied,” responded the computer system that ruled society.


Andrew Kurtz

Andrew Kurtz is an up-and-coming horror author who writes very graphic and ultraviolent short stories published in numerous horror anthologies. Since childhood, he has loved horror films and literature. His favourite authors are Stephen King, Clive Barker, H.G. Wells, Richard Matheson, and Edgar Allan Poe. Check his latest works here.

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