Brain Waves

by Laura Nettles


Months after Z-Day, scientists finally discovered the zombies were hunting us by tracking our brainwaves: higher brain functions, specifically.

Coma patients and people in deep sleep remained unnoticed by those who had risen from the dead. There had to be a way to harness that. Tweak it. Adapt.

Icepick in hand, I tapped into the eye sockets of my captives. My patients. Trying different positions, angles, depths with each. The undead ignored my experiments when released, but the patients were more vegetative than living.

Inhuman screaming arose outside.

One more chance! I placed the pick to my own eye. Tap.

Laura Nettles

Laura Nettles is a California girl living in Canada.  She lights special effects for films by day, and pens terror by night. Snuggles with her dog Roy, and warm cups of rooibos tea sustain her. Follow her journey and read some of her fiction at


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