The Weight of Alone

by Alden Terzo


Melek was alone. The mortals, her late mother’s people, shunned her. Her father—banished from Shamayim for siding with the Adversary—passed this banishment to her at birth before abandoning her. Melek had no place in Heaven or Earth.

But there was another place.

The rabbi, eyes wide, cowered and prayed at Melek’s feet. No longer able to endure the weight of alone, Melek raised her sword. Her great wings unfurled, obscuring the stars, as she brought the sword down, cleaving the righteous man and saturating herself with sin.

Better to serve in Hell, she’d decided, than to be alone.

Alden Terzo

When Alden Terzo isn’t reading, he’s often writing. Or procrastinating. There is usually coffee involved. Find him on Twitter @AmbassadorAlden 


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