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The Weight of Alone

by Alden Terzo


Melek was alone. The mortals, her late mother’s people, shunned her. Her father—banished from Shamayim for siding with the Adversary—passed this banishment to her at birth before abandoning her. Melek had no place in Heaven or Earth.

But there was another place.

The rabbi, eyes wide, cowered and prayed at Melek’s feet. No longer able to endure the weight of alone, Melek raised her sword. Her great wings unfurled, obscuring the stars, as she brought the sword down, cleaving the righteous man and saturating herself with sin.

Better to serve in Hell, she’d decided, than to be alone.

Alden Terzo

When Alden Terzo isn’t reading, he’s often writing. Or procrastinating. There is usually coffee involved. Find him on Twitter @AmbassadorAlden 


Like Father Like Son

by  Kai Delmas


My father was an angry man. He took what he wanted, convinced it was his due for the wings he had lost. The power he had been stripped of.

Before dying he whispered in my ear, lips aquiver.

“The sky is your birthright. You’ll grow strong. Take it. Reclaim the heavens.”

I slid my blade out from between his ribs and looked to my mother. Finally safe.

Yet his words lingered, and as I grew and grew, I understood that I was special. That I could take what I wanted. But I didn’t want the skies.

I wanted the world.

Kai Delmas

Kai Delmas loves creating worlds and magic systems and is a slush reader for Apex Magazine. He is a winner of the monthly Apex Microfiction Contest and his fiction can be found in Martian, Tree and Stone, and several Shacklebound anthologies. Find him on Twitter @KaiDelmas.


Fallen Angels

by  Pauline Yates


Mother heats the blade in the fire, but it’s the flap of monstrous wings that strikes fear into my heart.

“Will it hurt?” I whisper, scrutinizing her scarred face.

“Better to suffer a searing blade than endure the agony of being raped by a Fallen and bearing its unholy offspring. Did the Elder’s son tarnish your purity?”

“Yes. He was kind.”

“Pray his seed will also deter them. Hold still.”

She brands my cheek with the blade, ruining the beauty the Fallen desire. Biting my lip, I pray for a son so I won’t have to deface a daughter, too.


Pauline Yates

Pauline Yates lives in Queensland, Australia. She writes dark stories and loves bright sunrises.



The Destroyer

by  Tracy Davidson


The last of the Nephilim, dormant for millennia, rose in the year 2022. Its destiny was to destroy, wreak havoc on humanity, cause catastrophe. One swipe of wings could level cities in seconds.

But, no hurry. It was curious to see how humans had evolved during its long sleep.

On the first day, it walked the Earth, east to west, north to south.

On the second day, it sat and wondered why it bothered waking up at all. Humans were doing the job for him.

On the third day, it flew away. Maybe another world was in need of mayhem.

Tracy Davidson

Tracy Davidson lives in Warwickshire, England, and writes poetry and flash fiction. Her work has appeared in various publications and anthologies, including: Poet’s Market, Mslexia, Atlas Poetica, Modern Haiku, The Binnacle, A Hundred Gourds, Shooter, Journey to Crone, The Great Gatsby Anthology, WAR, In Protest: 150 Poems for Human Rights. 


All Fall Down

by Don Money


The beat of heavy wings gusted over the battlefield, sending dust plumes swirling. The three Nephilim landed, towering over the combatants on each side. Fear swept the faces of both armies. These fallen angels were allies to no man.

With no warning, the Nephilim lashed out with their silver weapons, long spears impaling dozens of men with each thrust and sword blades slicing open the blood and bone of scores with each swing.

In the end, the carnage of broken bodies flooded the field, the tide of men had been smashed like waves against the immovable rocky shore of giants.


Don Money

Don Money writes stories across a variety of genres. He is a middle school language arts teacher. His stories have appeared in a variety of anthologies.



by Inez Santiago


After swiping dark black wings across her eyes, her eyes drifted down from the heavens. Her fingers dipped into the masses. Screams erupted a little too late as she made her selection.

It was met with resistance, a downward tug on her little snack’s legs. More screams. She shook a few off, but some still desperately clung.

But she did not hunger for more than what she had, so she squeezed. Its red juices bubbling from its body dripped delectably onto her fingers, and the desperate. The desperate slipped away, the man into her maw.

She smiled at the flavour.


Inez Santiago

Inez Santiago is a young Mexican writer from Southern California. She likes long walks by the cliffside and roaring waters. Beware. Find her staring off into space on Twitter @InezSantiagoFic or at her website: https://inezsantiago.carrd.co/ 


Son of Heaven

by Ian Gabriel Loisel


The angel’s son plucks the feathers from his back, his arms. It’s bloody work, each downy pinion pried free, slow and agonizing, leaving crimson stains on the tile, but he’s used to it.

His mother claims it was an angel who blessed her, all white wings and golden light and the sound of thunder. His mother is fourteen years older than him.

Every night she prays for the angel to return, to find her worthy, to love her again. He prays for the angel to return as well, and keeps a pistol under his bed for the day it happens.


Ian Gabriel Loisel

Ian Gabriel Loisel is an environmental educator, writer, and artificial intelligence enthusiast from Atlanta, GA who spends way too much time on the computer, possibly bringing about the robo-apocalypse, or maybe just creating extremely silly and sometimes scary stories. Their Twitter bio says “genius boy,” so it must be true.


Birth of a Nephilim

by Laura Nettles


Rachel gasped as she was overshadowed by a fallen angel. Her soul dissolved, mingling with one of dark fire and rock. They separated, but she was left changed.

“The baby is too big!” yelled the midwife. “There is no way you can push out something of that size!”

Rachel gritted her teeth. “Then cut it out.”

Hot blood splashed the lavish desert tent’s cushioned interior as a wicked sharp hunting knife bit into bulging, deformed taut belly, rending thick layers of bloody membranes in twain. From the deep fissure rose a being with wings hard as stone. Son. Destroyer. Nephilim.


Laura Nettles

Laura Nettles is a California girl living in Canada.  She lights special effects for films by day, and pens terror by night. Snuggles with her dog Roy, and warm cups of rooibos tea sustain her. Follow her journey and read some of her fiction at lauranettles.com.


He Has His Father’s Eyes

by Warren Benedetto


The angel Elom wept over his wife’s broken body. Blood pattered to the floor from the straw mattress upon which she gave birth.

Birth? No. It was no birth.

She had simply…ruptured.

The child was a giant—a Nephilim. It tore through its mother’s flesh: first its hands, then its arms, then its head.

Elom lifted the child. Its eyelids opened to reveal empty sockets, hollow and black. Blind, the baby traced its fingers across Elom’s face, exploring.

Mouth. Nose. Cheeks.


Elom screamed as the baby gouged his eyes from their sockets and pressed them into its own.


Warren Benedetto

Warren Benedetto writes short fiction about horrible people doing horrible things. He is a full member of the SFWA. He is also the developer of StayFocusd, the world’s most popular anti-procrastination app for writers. He built it while procrastinating. Visit www.warrenbenedetto.com and follow @warrenbenedetto on Twitter.


See You Soon

by Jacek Wilkos


He knelt before the grave. Looked at the inscriptions and placed his large hand on the tombstone.

“Hello Mother” he whispered.

He couldn’t stand what she had done. Old and sick, she wasn’t going to wait for death to come for her and committed suicide.

“You are the son of a fallen angel, there’s no place in Heaven for your kind.” she said to him shortly before her death. She would rather meet him in Hell than miss him in Heaven.

Tears ran down his cheeks. He raised his sight and angrily looked at the sky.

“See you soon, Mother.”

Jacek Wilkos

Jacek Wilkos is an engineer from Poland. He is addicted to buying books, he loves black coffee, dark ambient music and riding his bike. His stories were published in numerous anthologies by Black Hare Press, Alien Buddha Press, Eerie River Publishing, Insignia Stories, Fantasia Divinity, Reanimated Writers Press, KJK publishing.
Facebook: @Jacek.W.Wilkos