by Inez Santiago


After swiping dark black wings across her eyes, her eyes drifted down from the heavens. Her fingers dipped into the masses. Screams erupted a little too late as she made her selection.

It was met with resistance, a downward tug on her little snack’s legs. More screams. She shook a few off, but some still desperately clung.

But she did not hunger for more than what she had, so she squeezed. Its red juices bubbling from its body dripped delectably onto her fingers, and the desperate. The desperate slipped away, the man into her maw.

She smiled at the flavour.


Inez Santiago

Inez Santiago is a young Mexican writer from Southern California. She likes long walks by the cliffside and roaring waters. Beware. Find her staring off into space on Twitter @InezSantiagoFic or at her website: https://inezsantiago.carrd.co/ 


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