Good Samaritan

by Juliette Gillies

“Wait! Don’t!”

The man stands close, almost within arm’s reach. His voice sounds panicked.

“Please come down. It’s not safe up there.”

The wind is hitting me a little harder than him. It’s cold up on the suspension bridge. The metal railing feels frozen to my skin.

“Can you help me back over?”

He climbs the barrier carefully before reaching out taking my hand. Such a kind face. I let him go, watching him fall, his body hitting the water hard as concrete before sinking away. The third one this month. I wonder if anyone is even looking for them.

Juliette Gillies

Juliette Gillies is an Australian writer and artist. She is an award-winning short screenplay writer with a focus on the horror genre. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in Diet Milk magazine, Minimum Wines Press and Luna Station Quarterly.


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