Meet Me at the Old Bridge

by Kateri Tough

It was the third time Nora had left the house on her own. Three times, the usually obedient five-year-old had been found on the old bridge. I fought back tears. This’s how it started with Suzy last year until she disappeared completely, just her crumpled bow left behind on the old bridge.

About to go in to discuss her behaviour, I heard beyond her closed door, “But Mommy doesn’t want me to go to the bridge.” A pause. “Okay, I’ll come when they are sleeping.” Panicked, I opened her door. Nora was talking to the empty corner of the room..

Kateri Tough

Kateri Tough is a mother of three young children and a community nurse in a small town. She enjoys writing horror and fantasy as an escape and a creative outlet in a busy world..


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