The Bridge to Burnet Island

by James Rumpel

“The explosives are set.”

“Where’d you find dynamite?”

“Charlie Hatcher had some from when his company worked on Highway 12. He gave it to me as long as I promised to wait until he got here before blowing the bridge.”

“He’d better be coming soon. We have 500 healthy people on the island. If the infected get across, we won’t have a chance.”

“Just one more minute. We shook hands on the deal.”

“Look, there’s a bunch of zombies coming over the hill. We can’t wait any longer. Blow it!”

“Doesn’t that first zombie look a lot like Charlie Hatcher?

James Rumpel

James Rumpel is a retired math teacher who enjoys spending some of his free time trying to turn some of the odd ideas in brain into stories. 


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