Nice Night for a Barbeque

by Neen Cohen


Drips of fat dropped through the barbeque grill and sent flames up into the darkening sky.

“Here you go, mate.” James stepped onto the patio and handed Mike a cool beer.

“Dinner won’t be long.” The plate hissed as James put onion on to fry.

“I’ll go tell the girls.” Mike disappeared inside the house again.

James opened the Tupperware container and gripped the delicate wings between thumb and forefinger.

The fairy’s scream sounded like tinkling glass windchimes as he pulled the sheer material from the body.

She sizzled as she landed on the grill beside her sisters’ unrecognisable bodies.


Neen Cohen

Neen Cohen is an LGBTQI and speculative fiction author. She’s been published in over a dozen anthologies and is a member of the Springfield Writers Group. Neen loves roaming cemeteries, gardens, and construction sites. She can often be found writing against a tree or tombstone.
Linktree: @neencohen
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