The Most Hated Candy

by Nikki DeKeuster


They smashed them. All of them.

My love and devotion lay scattered across the sidewalk outside my cemetery.

One flutter of my Luna moth wings and the vandals transformed mid-stride into piles of candy corn, sprawling over the sidewalk.

Just like my darling pumpkins.

An hour later, the foul candy reverted to its original state, splattering my bucket with gore. I picked out a glob of eyeball and chewed.

Much tastier.

Screams serenaded the neighbourhood.

The trick-or-treaters would have an awful mess to clean up and perhaps a slight bellyache.

But, that was what they got for eating candy corn.

Nikki DeKeuster

Nikki DeKeuster devours souls, toying with their lives for your amusement. Reading this story makes you an accomplice to their suffering. She enjoys throwing stones into Lake Michigan with her daughter and keeping her husband up past his bedtime. Her first horror novel will rise from the Earth in 2021.
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