Kid Tax

by Michelle Brett


“Hand over the candy, kid.”

Anthony trembled beneath the bully’s gaze. He clutched his basket closer and spluttered out some words.

“Please, no. It took me ages.”

The bully snorted, then glanced back at his cronies; their faces already stuffed with stolen treats.

“Now,” he hissed.

Anthony dropped the basket as he held back his tears. He ran from the alleyway, laughter following him out.

But once he’d turned the corner, the run became an amble. His superhero cape floated behind him in the wind.

Not long now.

Soon they’d start gorging themselves, then the poison would take its toll.


Michelle Brett

Michelle Brett is a New Zealand based author, writing horror, thriller, and speculative fiction. She has a Diploma in Applied Writing and is currently working towards a Bachelor in Communication. In her free time, she likes to question the choices of horror movie characters and report on historic crimes for a local paper.

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