Leader of the Pack

by Charlotte Langtree


The woman walked alone.

“She’ll have food tokens,” Jenna said.

Five men nodded. Jenna fingered the trigger of the holo-knife she’d stolen from a rival; it fooled scans and would leave a pretty hole.

They cornered the woman at a junction, weapons raised. Golden eyes flickered. Jenna’s gut clenched. It was a droid mole: a trap to catch rebels.

It opened its mouth. Scorching flames shot out, burning Jenna’s men to a crisp. Jenna screamed. The flames were hot, but the burn of the dragon-droid’s laser planting a chip in her heart was worse.

She bowed. “What is your command?”


Charlotte Langtree

Charlotte Langtree is an author and poet from the North of England, and her works have been published by the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine, WPC Press, The Poet, Iron Faerie Publishing, Paper Djinn Press, and Black Hare Press. You can find her online on Facebook or at Charlotte Langtree Author/Poet.

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