Liquid Diet

by Steven Holding


Fluids feed us, true enough, but not all rely upon the claret for sustenance.

Divergent breeds born with differing needs; consequently, some thirst for more…eclectic refreshment. The Lachrymose relish the taste of tears, breaking a heart or an arm before a feast. A Perspiration Prince favours the flavours of an athlete’s fresh armpit, whereas some poor suckers simply sup upon the seed of a man.


All that is required is one fleeting glimpse of my true countenance. The sight of such delights and everyone soon feels the lukewarm tickling trickle of fear.

It’s a piece of piss, really.


Steven Holding

Steven Holding lives with his family in the United Kingdom. His stories have appeared both online and in print. He is currently working upon further short fiction and a novel. You can follow his work at


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