Mighty Minions

by John H. Dromey


While the house shook like a road train crossing a speed hump, a visitor asked his host, “Is this an earthquake?”

“No, just some construction work being done next door. My neighbour conjured up several mythical creatures to help him. A satyr is inspecting the roof of his garage, for example. Being half goat, the hairy fellow’s really surefooted.”

“What’s making that terrible racket and causing the ground to tremble?”

“He’s also replacing his driveway. Since he’s too cheap to rent a jackhammer to break up the asphalt, he’s having that done by a couple of Golems on pogo sticks.”

John H. Dromey

John H. Dromey was born in northeast Missouri, USA. In addition to contributing to the first ten BHP anthologies in the Dark Drabbles series, he previously had a drabble published online in Dark Moments. He also has a story in the anthology Beyond the Realm (Black Hare Press, 2020).

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