Miss Scarlet Hood

by Lynne Phillips


Miss Scarlet Hood met a bad wolf in the wood.

“Where are you going dressed all in red?”

She pulled a pistol and shot him dead.

A witch appeared. “I’ll cast a spell.”

Miss Scarlet pushed her down a well.

An ogre grabbed at her red cloak.

A knife appeared at his fat throat.

“Got you Missy,” a goblin said with a laugh.

She kicked him howling down the path.

“Don’t tell me tales,” her mother said,

And sent Miss Scarlet straight to bed.

“Tomorrow, I’ll find a dragon that flies,

And Mother will know I don’t tell a lies.”


Lynne Phillips

Lynne Phillips lives in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia. Her stories have been published by Zombie Pirate Publishing, Black Hare Press, Fantasia Divinity Publishing, Our Wonderful Anthology,  and in various online magazines. She enjoys exploring the craft of writing stories. Her priority is spending time with her family while her passions are reading, writing, keeping fit, and spending time at her farm.

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