Take It

by Jacqueline Moran Meyer


Dad and I hid underneath a burned-out hovercraft, taking cover from the drone spraying us with hydrocarbon needles, which not only kill but turn the dead into fuel for the Cyborg’s vehicles.

“Take it,” Dad murmured after being hit.

When he died and transformed, I rummaged through his remains, swiping my hands over the slick oily goo, searching for his life’s work. Finding the chip, I ran through the destroyed city clutching Dad’s creation, humanity’s lifesaver.

While sprinting towards the tunnel, the explosions around me intensify.

I will either reach and destroy the Cyborg’s main computer grid or die trying.


Jacqueline Moran Meyer

Jacqueline Moran Meyer lives in New York, enjoying the company of her husband and three children. She had been published in many Black Hare Press anthologies, Bewildering Stories, Iron Faerie Press anthologies, Eerie River Publishers, Blood Song Books, Flash Fiction Magazine, Grinning Skull Press, among others. Visit her website www.jmoranmeyer.net.

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