Nine Ladies Dancing

by Charlotte Langtree


They mesmerised him, nine beautiful women seducing him with every spin and flash of bare legs. He was the last man in the club but he didn’t care; he had enough cash to keep them dancing. It was almost Christmas, his divorce was finalised, and he felt like celebrating.

“How much for even more fun?” he slurred.

The ladies smiled. When he spotted the glint of sharp teeth between their lips, he put it down to cheap vodka and expensive coke. As they gathered round, sinking their teeth into his veins, the pleasure stole his breath. They stole his life.


Charlotte Langtree

Charlotte Langtree is an author and poet from the North of England. Her work has appeared in the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine and is due to be featured in upcoming anthologies by Eerie River Publishing and Black Hare Press. You can find her online at
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