In Waves

by David D. West


Wave after wave of the pink-feathered birds fell as the group held out, but the onslaught continued.

“How many more of these damned birds am I going to have to kill?” the nun shouted, voice wavering. Beside her, Toto bared his teeth and lashed out at a flamingo. The bird died with a severed throat, Toto turned his attention to the next.

Hux and Aldo collapsed as the flamingos overran them. Their screams were cut short by the sound of honking.

The circle closed tighter.

They made a brave stand that day, but in the end, the world turned pink.

David D. West

David D. West lives and teaches in the Pacific Northwest, which offers the perfect gloomy atmosphere for his writing. Find him on Twitter/Instagram @DavidWestWrites


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