Not Again

by Karen Thrower


The door to my cabana crashed open, I screamed as a man ran inside backwards, dragging a body through the sand. “What the hell!”

“We need to hide!” He whispered harshly and slammed the cabana door shut. The smell of blood hit my nose, and I realised the body in the sand was bleeding. My eyes focused, and I realised his entire foot was missing!

“Oh my god, he needs a doctor!” The man took his belt and made a tourniquet for his bleeding friend. “What happened?” I asked.

He looked up, fear in his eyes, “The flamingos are back.”

Karen Thrower

Karen Thrower is a native Oklahoman, wife, and mother to a rambunctious eight-year old. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education from The University of Tulsa. She is also a member of Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers and serves as the Facebook ‘Wizard’.


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