Small Print

by Simon Clarke


Gerry was asleep. His left eyeball pulsed and popped itself out of its socket and slithered onto the floor, heading for the door. It slithered along the hallway and out through the cat flap. Cybertronic Systems organs had state of the art neuro-connect functionality hence the searing pain in Gerry’s head, causing him to scream and tear at his face in agony. Outside, his cat licked aqueous humour from its paws and padded off satisfied, tail flicking the air.

When they said there were sometimes rejection issues, Gerry assumed he might be doing the rejecting, not the other way round.


Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke lives and writes poetry and fiction in Norfolk, United Kingdom. His works have been published by Hedgehog Press, Black Hare Press, Fifty Word Stories, and Breaking Rules Publishing. He regularly submits to UK and international publications and enjoys reading poetry at open mic events. Visit his Facebook page.

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