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Grimdark—violent worlds with amoral or morally questionable protagonists. Grim and dark stories valourising the protagonist’s struggles as they choose between good and evil.

Spectre Spectacular

by James Hancock


We came to town at night. Cries of wild steeds broke the silence as a line of covered wagons brought hidden mysteries for a special performance. Word spread fast, and with the black tent erected, guests lined up for the evening’s show.

Spectre Spectacular. This was no ordinary circus, and if anyone told you they’d seen its kind before…they lied.

The twisted mimes danced through the waiting audience and set a tone of terror. Uncomfortable laughter stopped, a chill rolled in, and shapes leapt from the shadows.

Through the cacophony of screams and panic, the demons drank their fill.


James Hancock

James Hancock is a writer/screenwriter of comedy, thriller, horror, sci-fi and twisted fairy tales.  A few of his short screenplays have been made into films, and he has been published in print magazines, online, and in anthology books. He lives in England, with his wife and two daughters.  And a bunch of pets he insisted his girls could NOT have.