Tale of Two Mouths

by Rotten Akers 

Captain Tinnitus staggered toward the voluptuous figure, empty rum in hand.

Her fingers ran along her scantily clothed body, wet and grimy in the ashen rain, with hungry eyes.

“I’ve had enough watchin’ me crew torn apart as cannon fodder, m’lady!” He burped. “I beg you, I’m in need of a woman’s tenderness. I can bear no more!”

“I’ll erase those memories. Come, lie down.”

Tinnitus hopped over, rolled on his back, and smiled toothy-like.

She disrobed and revealed a vagina with drooling sharp teeth and tentacles.

“That’s lovely.” He hiccupped.

She sat and devoured his head through muffled screams.

Rotten Akers

Rotten Akers is an American horror writer based in Cache County, Utah. Notable influences on his writing include RL Stine, Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, and Stephen King. He lives happily in a little blue house with his wife, growing son, grandma of said son, two dogs, and two cats.

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