Flabbergasted Tranquillity Sea Turtles

by A.L. Blacklyn 

Tight together in a hidden corner of the storage decks, the former ship’s captain and I conspired for the lunar colony’s slave rebellion. I said. “I got it, but how do I know this isn’t a trap?”

“I give you my word,” he answered solemnly. He smelled like engine-room rum.

He was notoriously wily in negotiations. Regardless, I had no better choice than to trust him.

I tested his trustworthiness soon after.

He’d spoken truth all the way through. He distracted the officers. I overrode the external locks for the escapees to dock.

The new captain hadn’t changed his password.

A.L. Blacklyn

A.L. Blacklyn currently resides in the Southeastern United States. Read more about them and their fiction at:

Website: shadowsinmind.net

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