The Wackiest Star Ship in the Space Force

The Wackiest Star Ship in the Space Force

by John H. Dromey


A doorbell rang. A door creaked open. A cloaked figure stood on the porch.

“Who’re you?”

The apparition answered, “A ghost from your childhood past. When you pushed me into the deep end, you knew I couldn’t swim.”


“Yep. Trick or treat.”

“Scram! You’re not real.”

“Are you sure, Spaceman? I have lots of tricks up my sleeve.” The hand and wrist bones of a skeleton emerged. “See? Lots of room.”

The astronaut clutched his chest.

The hologram figure faded.

The pranksters on Earth had turned off the switch. “Curses! Our Holo-ween trick backfired. We scared him to death.”


John H. Dromey

John H. Dromey was born in northeast Missouri, USA. In addition to contributing to the Dark Drabbles series of anthologies from Black Hare Press, he’s had short fiction published in 50-Word Stories (Tim Sevenhuysen’s website), Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Stupefying Stories Showcase, Thriller Magazine, Unfit Magazine, and elsewhere.


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