The Gun

by James WF Roberts


The gun on the table mocks me. It calls to me. It knows me. It knows my secrets. It knows everything I’ve done.  This dormant metal god, looks at me. “Do it. Do it. End it now. End it all. Put my cold metal shaft between your lips.  Embrace bliss”.

The easy way out?  To blow the back of my head out? To eat lead? What would they say about me? Coward? This proves my guilt?  I know what the whole world thinks of me now. Would it just prove them all right?  It calls again. My hand reaches out.


James WF Roberts

James has recently completed two consecutive Masters from Monash University Australia, Journalism and Communications and Media studies. James has a BA Honours in philosophy and literature and has been published in over a dozen magazines and journals around the world and has published several of his own poetry collections.

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