Under the Bed

by A.R. Dean


Bedtime was here again. Billy shook in fear. The scratching came from under the bed. He pulled the covers up high as the creature climbed out from beneath.

Long fangs and dripping jowls. The things rough wet tongue caressed his cheek.

“Hi there, Michael.” It rumbled. Its fangs glowed in moonlight.

The boy sobbed. “My name is Billy.”

“Oh, man sorry.” The creature laughed. “Wrong house.”

Billy let out a sigh of relief as the thing crawled away and back under the bed. “See you next week, Billy.” It chuckled as it disappeared.

Billy screamed loudly while wetting his bed. 

A.R. Dean

A.R. Dean is a dark and twisted soul. Dean has spent their whole life spreading fear with the tales from their head. Best known for stories that terrify and show the evilest side of human nature. Dean will have drabbles being published soon in the Beyond and Unraveled anthologies with Black Hare Press.


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