The Kid Who Hates Baseball

by Alanna Robertson-Webb


     I love coaching little league. It’s such a fun experience to watch the team improve each season, and I enjoy helping them develop their skills.

     One fifth grader, I think his name is Oliver, keeps hanging around and taunting us whenever he can. Yesterday after practice he came up to my son while we were hydrating, and water nearly came spewed from my nose when I heard their conversation.

     “Baseball sucks, and so does your team!”

     “Good thing you don’t play then.”

     “Why not?”

     “You’re an orphan, mate, so you don’t know where home is.”

     My son is now grounded.


Alanna Robertson-Webb

Alanna Robertson-Webb has been in love with horror and mythology since the dawn of her time. She lives with a fiance and cat, both of whom take up too much bed space (but that she loves dearly.) She’s a writer, a DND player, a reader and a LARPer.

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