Wildwood Eternal

by Fred W. Barlowe

Dennis stood on the hilltop and surveyed the endless forest. Stars flickered through the darkening twilight. To his left he heard panting and turned to find a man stumbling towards him.

“Do you know…how to get out of…this hell?”

“Hell? This beautiful land?”

“Every night there’s a full moon…” The man quivered. “Wolves attack me… and tear me apart. The next morning, I awake… restored like Prometheus, only to again be thrashed and devoured at night…”

“It may be your hell…” Dennis turned towards the man, eyes glowing yellow, his smile revealing fangs “…but this is my heaven.”


Fred W. Barlowe

Fred W. Barlowe’s short stories have appeared in Werewolf Magazine Reborn. He is also a playwright whose work has been seen in Divine Madness, a skit comedy show regularly featured at Necronomicon, Tampa Florida’s Science Fiction convention, now in its fourth decade.

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