by Katherine Sankey

The winter was the harshest the village had seen. Drifts choked the houses. Blizzards blew. Each home was isolated and fearful of the howling at night. Desperate to feed his wife and child, Bram dared to go out and hunt. He returned late that night with a large wolf, which he had shot near the forge.

Hungrily, they roasted it, devoured it.

Only when dawn touched the corpse did the meat reveal its true form. The fur dissolved and burnt bones shrank, as the blood coated body parts shifted back into the hands, feet, and head of Jed the blacksmith.


Katherine Sankey

Katherine Sankey is a Comparative Literature student and freelance writer from the East Midlands. Her work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Flash Point Science Fiction, Every Day Fiction and in a previous Black Hare Press anthology.

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