Winter Kiss

by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt


Nothing is more beautiful than blood on new-fallen snow.

Lilith scents the air. Her prey’s blood calls to her. Even without the footprints, she could find him anywhere in the forest. Anywhere in the world.

He fires his weapon when he sees her. The exquisite pain is a mere inconvenience. She swoops in and breaks the gun. Then she takes the back of his neck.

His urine-soaked pants steam in the cold.

“All I want is one kiss…”

He lets her—they always do.

After the kiss, she drops his body and smiles. Face pale. Lips red.

Blood on snow.


Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Donald Jacob Uitvlugt lives on neither coast of the United States, but mostly in a memory palace of his own design. In addition to his appearances in several of Black Hare Press’s Dark Drabbles anthologies, his short fiction has appeared in several print and online venues including Cirsova Magazine and Flame Tree Presses Murder Mayhem anthology. If you enjoyed “Winter Kiss,” the easiest way to let him know is via Twitter:

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