Wardenclyffe by Gregg Cunningham

Imagine if you will, a world where our history pages have been smudged, ever so slightly. A world where places and people sort of, well…differ from our current reality.

Hades 11 by Paul Warmerdam

There are few paths history could have taken that leads humanity to set foot on the Moon. One of the roads paved by time, an intersection avoided over fifty years ago now, leads to a different outcome of the arms race on rocket fuel than the one we remember.

Blood and Silk by Zoey Xolton

Failing to heed his mother’s dire warning Takashi soon discovers that the ancient yōkai of legend are much more than myth, and that not everything is always as it seems.

As Above, So Beneath by Joshua D. Taylor

Mankind had conquered the stars…sculpted alien worlds to their whim…assumed they were the kings of all they surveyed. But now, a darkness spreads—from above and beneath—and mankind will soon realise they are but a temporary blip in the history of the universe.

Rise of the Great Old One by Jasmine Jarvis

What if I told you that the creatures from Lovecraft’s stories are real?

Dead Man Walking by David Green

Nick Holleran, private detective, thought he had life figured out. Until the day he died. Holleran woke to the horrifying truth. Hell is Earth, and the demons live among us. Taking the cases others won’t, Holleran is plunged into an investigation that forces him to confront his past.

Chrysalis by Kimberly Rei

Born under a dark moon, Iana was destined for greatness. When fate finds her, it brings prophecy and power. But when a mystery from her mother is unveiled, Iana’s world will change forever.

Mount Terror by E.L. Giles

Mount Terror by E.L. Giles