Author: Various Authors
Series: 500 Word Fiction, Book 5
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2021
List Price: 9.99 USD
eBook Price: 2.99 USD

Science fiction, a sub-genre of speculative fiction, explores the impact of actual or imagined science on our lives, employing elements that are probably alien—both literally and theoretically—to the discerning reader intoxicated not only by the unknown but also in the knowledge that it’s ultimately about humankind.

Here, in exactly 500 words, authors explore worlds and species yet to be discovered.


Little Blue Men by Beth W. Patterson
Rogue Explorer Six by Brandi Hicks
Spinal Tap by Brandi Hicks
Voyager Probe Lost by Bruce Markuson
Hostile Waters by C.A. Goodwin
First and Last Contact by Callum Pearce
Suffer the Little Children by Callum Pearce
First Act of War by Chris Bannor
Snip! by Chris Hewitt
Turning the Lights Off by Chris Hewitt
Dead Planet by David Green
Dreaming of a Storm by David Green
We Meet Again by Dawn DeBraal
Compliance is Required by Eric Butler
Vigour by Erik Handy
Circles by Helen M. Merrick
Strangers by Ian Fortey
It Started with the ‘Mids by Jacqueline Moran Meyer
The Signal by Jodi Jensen
Last Seen Swearing by John H. Dromey
Peace on Earth by Joshua D. Taylor
They Came on the Rain by Joshua E. Borgmann
Soldiers by Karen Bayly
Python Approach by Kimberly Rei
The Wreckage by Lance Dale
Manna from Heaven by Lynne Phillips
Invasion by Maxine Churchman
The Gift from Above by Michelle Brett
The Scout by Patrick Winters
Unmistakable by Ransom Wall
The Light by Stephen Herczeg
They Came from Nowhere by Trey Stone

Series: 500 WORD FICTION