Author: Various Authors
Series: 500 Word Fiction, Book 8
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2021
List Price: 9.99 USD
eBook Price: 2.99 USD

From a young age, we are fascinated by the fiendish and furry, the creepiest critters, the naughty and the nasty…and the nightmares that climb out of our toy boxes. Here, condensed into 500 words, authors tell us tales of bloodthirsty dolls, grotesque puppets, and cutthroat stuffed toys—and they don’t disappoint!


Amelia Winterhart by A.H. Syme
Wound Up by Andrew Kurtz
Bear Witness by Beth W. Patterson
Frozen Smile by C.A. Goodwin
The Soul Doll by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
Doh! by Chris Hewitt
Chatty Cathy by Diana Allgair
Twelve Steps by Diane Arrelle
Mister-Man by Eric Butler
Hit and Run by Erik Handy
My Little Monica by Hari Navarro
Springety-slink by Ian Fortey
The Eyes Know by J.W. Garrett
Let’s Play a New Game… by Jasmine Jarvis
Shock-in-a-Box by Jodi Jensen
Teddy Bear Picnic by K.T. Tate
The Tinker’s Dame by Kimberly Rei
A Wonderful Toy by L.T. Emery
Doodles by L.T. Ward
The Matryoshka by Mackenzie Hurlbert
Emily by Majanka Verstraete
The Dad Doll by Martin Fisher
Bad Hare Day by Maxine Churchman
Killer Performance by Meera Dandekar
Kah May-may Oo-nye by Megan Willette
Sounds of the Farm by Michelle Brett
Harvey Danger by Morgan Chalfant
Orville and the Bug by Jay Alexander
Love, Grammy by Patrick J. Gallagher
Sprung by Patrick Winters
Dice and Decisions by Peter J. Foote
Jack-in-the-Box by R.A. Goli
Show and Tell by Raven Corinn Carluk
Burn by Rich Rurshell
The Onyx Doll by Sarah Matthews
Lifelike by Scott McGregor

Series: 500 WORD FICTION