Author: Various Authors
Series: 500 Word Fiction, Book 10
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2023
List Price: 9.99 USD
eBook Price: 2.99 USD

Dragons aren’t just mythical creatures, but a part of everyday life, with their own unique culture and traditions.

Here in Dragons, international authors bring you stories filled with action, adventure, and richly imagined worlds in just 500 words.


Jodie Angell

Chris Bannor

Karen Bayly

Maggie D. Brace

Michelle Brett

Troy Cheah

Michael Anthony Dioguardi

Malina Douglas

Jeff Ehrmann

D.J. Elton

Jodie Francis

T.J. Gallasch

J.W. Garrett

Kathleen Halecki

Kevin Hopson

Jodi Jensen

Stephen Johnson

Constantine E. Kiousis

Charlotte Langtree

Tim Law

Nicole Little

Scott McGregor

L.J. McLeod

Jacqueline Moran Meyer

Mendel Mire

R.S. Nevil

Lynne Phillips

Kimberly Rei

N.E. Rule

James Rumpel

Monica Schultz

Stephanie Shaw

C.L. Steele

Matthew Stevens

A.H. Syme

Frances Tate

G. Allen Wilbanks

Patrick Winters

Series: 500 WORD FICTION