Author: Various Authors
Series: 500 Word Fiction, Book 9
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2022
List Price: 9.99 USD
eBook Price: 2.99 USD

Fallen Angels…the Devil…His demons…long has Lucifer and His dark realm featured in all genres of fiction.

Here, honed into 500 words, international authors bring you heinous, horrifying—sometimes humorous—tales from Hell itself.


Satan’s Great Shame by A.H. Syme
Loop by Blen
Soul Searcher by Charlotte Langtree
Fallen by Denver Grenell
Flightless Descent by Diana Allgair
Darkness by G. Allen Wilbanks
The Devil’s Playthings by Jacqueline Moran Meyer
Interlude in the Pit by James Rumpel
The Great Franklin Clide by Jennifer Kirwan
Foxx and the Hellhound by Jodi Jensen
The Job of an Executioner by Jodie Angell
The Wrong Door by Jodie Francis
Future Memories by Kevin Hopson
Hell of a Job by Kimberly Rei
Today’s Menu by L.J. McLeod
Survey Teams by Lisa M. Daly
Justifying Admittance by Lynne Phillips
The Sixth Session by M.M. Montelione
A Plague on Your Houses by Maggie D. Brace
Hotel Hell by N.E. Rule
Welcome Home by Nerisha Kemraj
The Tour Guide of Judecca by Peter J. Foote
The King by R.S. Nevil
Unanswered Prayer by S. Jade Path
Your Honour by Scott McGregor
Delayed Pleasures Loophole by Shawn M. Klimek
Daddy Devil by Simon J. Plant
A Devil’s Hell by Stephanie Scissom

Series: 500 WORD FICTION