Covert Operation Helsing: Malawi Mission

by Jacob Bowers


“You may have done your research, but you don’t know a thing about this place,” said my driver as we bumped along the muddy road.

I clutched my crucifix and my badge; United Nations Peacekeeping, Vatican Dispatch. On paper, they knew the vampire killings were third world hysteria. But in reality…they sent me.

I was scared shitless.

We stopped at the little hovel with no windows.

I entered, brandishing my crucifix in the dark before me.

I couldn’t see it—only those green eyes, waiting, beckoning for me to come closer. I reached for my vial of holy water.

Jacob Bowers

Jacob Bowers is a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville, majoring in English. He enjoys reading, writing fiction, watching any kind of movie, and debating obscure theological topics. 


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