For You

by Jodie Angell


Eyeing the blue pills in front of her, Faye grinned. She knew what it would do to her—unleash a feral ferocity buried deep within her. That was exactly what her lover, Klaus, desperately desired.

“For you, my love.” She popped the tablet into her mouth, then swallowed.

Her round eyes glowed afire, and a maniacal laughter escaped Klaus’ mouth.

With shotgun barrels resting on one shoulder and their free hands clasped, they skipped down the quaint street of Petunia Walk.

Their idea of a date was warped. Fires razed the houses. Civilians murdered. Children’s screams. Blood staining neat lawns.

Jodie Angell

Jodie Angell grew up in South Wales, U.K. She started writing at the age of eleven, entering children’s anthologies. Her first book, Crimson Kiss, is published with Champagne Book Group. Jodie explores all genres. She has expanded her repertoire and has signed several dark short stories with Black Hare Press.

Twitter: @JodieA_Author


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