Forever Hungry

by Jason Holden


It waits, making low groaning noises. It’s been trapped in this old house for countless years. It sustains itself by tormenting the living souls that visit here. So, it waits. It builds the fear by shaking the jars on the shelf, emanating harm from every part of its essence. It tastes their fear in the air and finally reveals its ghostly form. This should be the best part, yet once more the living are no longer afraid. It’s hard to feed off fear when you were murdered by your spouse for cheating and she glued your dick to your forehead.


Jason Holden

Jason is a real human. He left his old life behind so his wife could follow her dream. In doing so he found his own dream in writing. Currently he is working hard to make his dream a reality by spending any spare moment he has working on his craft.  


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