La Sihuanaba

by Xavier Garcia


It’s five to midnight and I’m nowhere when I see her, dressed in white; a blushing bride.

She’s not here to give me anything like the life growing inside my wife’s tummy, just the birthing of maggots in my gut.

And yet, how sweet would it be to taste her lips, to feel the soft press of her against me.

So, I go to her.

Go, so we may say our black vows to one another; a wedding ceremony attended by no one, officiated by an indifferent moon, and consummated with all the promise of euphoric rot and everlasting silence.

Xavier Garcia

My name is Xavier Garcia and I am a writer/editor from Toronto, Canada. Most recently, a short horror film I wrote/produced won the Best Film award at the 2020 Rue Morgue and Sinister Nights Film Festival. You can find me walking the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh, or on Twitter @xavier_agarcia.

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