Santa Baby

by Lindsey Harrington


She licks her lips and surveys his upside-down, unconscious face. Sugarplum eyes to shuck, button nose to bite off, and bowed lips that will twist and stretch with each procedure, his Ho-Ho-Ows bouncing off the decorated walls.

She pauses and frowns. Is the prey too easy? Her smirk returns. Nah! Serves the fat bastard right for rushing headlong down her chimney. 

The laws of physics warned him that he’d get stuck eventually. But the man in red thought the rules didn’t apply to him. And it’s fate, not physics, that trapped him here.

Santa’s delivered his last piece of coal.

Lindsey Harrington

Lindsey Harrington is a writer on the east coast of Canada. She loves writing dark stories, including those from the villain’s perspective. She is currently pitching a short story collection, Coming Apart, to publishers. Follow her writing journey at
Instagram: @lindseyharringtonwriter


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