The Naughty List

by Les Talma


She made a deal with Santa.

It was uncommon, but she had been very good, while others had been very bad. 

So bad that they’d driven her best friend to suicide with cruel taunts and ceaseless torments.

Coal just wouldn’t cut it.

But now, she’d be punishing those naughty-listers. Just her, them, a toolbox full of sharpened candy canes, a sturdy hammer, some Christmas lights, and maybe some black ops elves to help…

After this, she’d never be on the nice list again.

She was fine with that.

And when she was done, she’d have some gloriously screaming Christmas displays.

Les Talma

Les Talma likes atmospheric horror movies, amusingly strange TV shows, comic books, fairy tales that are dark and delicious, and pixie dream girls that go on bizarre blood lust frenzies. He scribbles down things in notebooks, sometimes they end up as finished works.


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