Christmas Cards

by Sheri White


My parents own a business, so we get a lot of Christmas cards with family photos on the front. You know, everyone in matching pyjamas, even the dog (okay, the dog’s cute).

I hate them.

Several years ago, I noticed a distorted face on a card. I thought nothing of it, figuring the person moved or something.

A few months later, that person died. It happens every year.

I don’t want to look at the cards, but it’s a Christmas Eve tradition to admire them together.

This year, Mom put our Christmas picture on the refrigerator.

My face is distorted.


Sheri White 

Sheri White has been published in many anthologies (several of which are holiday themed), including Alternate Holidays, published by B-Cubed Press, 666 (Dark Drabbles, Book 11), published by Black Hare Press, Halldark Holidays (edited by Gabino Iglesias), and The Deathlehem Series, published by Grinning Skull Press.




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