Watch Where You Step

by Jodi Jensen


“Mom! Dad!” Kelly’s shouts were met with a clattering noise from the other room. She raced toward the kitchen. “Mom? Dad? Let’s go!” Her foot hit the tiled floor and she slipped, landing her on her butt. “What the he—”

Feet shuffling, her mom turned, dead grey eyes staring, jaw chomping.

Kelly scrambled backward. Her hand smacked the sticky floor and something smashed beneath her palm with a pop.

Her stomach lurched as she glanced down.

An eyeball…

Her dad lay on the floor next to her, empty eye socket gaping, throat gurgling.


He reached for Kelly’s leg.

Jodi Jensen

Jodi Jensen is the author of time travel romances and speculative fiction short stories. With a passion for old cemeteries, historical buildings and sweeping sagas of days gone by, it was only natural she’d write about all the places that sparked her imagination.
Twitter: @WritesJodi

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