by Darlene Holt


After aliens invaded, war waged against humanity, and civilians sacrificed normalcy to join the cause. Command assured us training wasn’t necessary, despite our lack of military experience. Just an injection to ward off illness.

When they released us into the streets to kill the invaders, I hid, paralysed by fear, as eight-foot, razor-toothed creatures devoured anyone crossing their paths. To my surprise, the aliens fell dead on the blood-splattered asphalt minutes after swallowing my human comrades.

Only then did I realise Command had injected us with a toxin. They didn’t need to train us after all; they only needed bait.


Darlene Holt

Darlene is a writer, editor, and educator whose most recent contributions appear in Eerie River Publishing’s Dark Magic anthology and Red Cape Publishing’s A-Z of Horror series. She currently resides in San Diego, California, where she enjoys reading and writing horror stories while spending time with her husband and cats. Amazon Author Central page: 


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