The Darkness Ahead

by Brianna Witte


They came for me—pitchforks sharpened and torches glowing in the dead of night. I stood in front of my wood cabin, watching the townspeople march closer. Closer to the witch that had slaughtered their livestock and dried their crops with her dark, satanic magic. Closer to me—the evil they wanted to destroy.

They thought starvation was my intention: to kill them off slowly. Yet, destroying their food supply was just a tease. They had no idea what was lying in store for them.

Salem had come to burn a witch, but it was Salem that would burn instead.

Brianna Witte

Brianna is an active member of the Writers Community of Durham Region. She had received a commendation for her short story, The Hunt, in the 2019 Author of Tomorrow Award by the Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation. To date, Brianna has had many short stories published in various anthologies.

On December 1, 2019, Brianna released her first book, Witches and Vampires, published by Atmosphere Press.

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