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On Thunderous Wings

by Zoey Xolton   The eldritch gods of the ever deep stir in the darkness from eternal sleep. The Void is silent save for a single scream, originating on Earth—a little girl’s dream. Devourers of worlds from beyond the dark sheet, soon to awaken…a hunger for flesh so sweet. From the timeless halls of Cthulhu, the Old […]

The Sound from the Moors

by Joel R. Hunt   I cannot describe the sound that emanated from the moors all those years ago, nor speculate of its cause. All I can state with certainty is that it did not belong to this world. The sound haunted my dreams for years. At last, starved of sleep, I came to hear […]

A Thousand Days

by K.B. Elijah   Red lips in a pale face, puckered in surprise. Tendrils of auburn hair haloing her head as if she dances underwater. Blue eyes wet with the first vestiges of shock, death taking her before it fully formed. Mortals and their deceptively ephemeral beauty. I bend, sweeping a crow feather through the […]

Enemies End

by Karen Bayly   The great witch, Ophesia, sat leaning against an ancient oak. Even though her heart was drumming its final beats, she sensed his approach. “Come to mock my last minutes, Tarlin? I have no magic left.” The ageing wizard eased down beside her. “Even I would not hurt a dying enemy.” “Yet […]

Angel, Broken

by  Kelly Matsuura   “Don’t touch me!” Lailah waved Reuben away. Shame. Her emotions crackled and boiled, fighting for dominance. Reuben, always patient, held out a wet towel. “Let me wash your wounds, Love.” Her back was bleeding afresh. Thick warm blood meeting numb skin—soaking the sheets. She no longer felt external pain. Loss. She […]

The Death of Heaven

by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway   His wings were ablaze, the heat intense as he marched upon the Golden City, alone. Sammael tore the Gates of Heaven from their hinges, leaving rivers of molten gold in his wake. The Host tried to stop him, but they could not. They would not. Any who tried were devoured by […]

Miss Scarlet Hood

by Lynne Phillips   Miss Scarlet Hood met a bad wolf in the wood. “Where are you going dressed all in red?” She pulled a pistol and shot him dead. A witch appeared. “I’ll cast a spell.” Miss Scarlet pushed her down a well. An ogre grabbed at her red cloak. A knife appeared at […]

The Woodsman

by Chris Bannor   They gave me an axe and sent me to cut down the heart of the forest. My path was dark; wolves snapped at my steps and gave chase as persistent as the winter snows. I took shelter in the measliest of holes and spent hours scavenging enough food to survive. When […]

Protection Racket

by G. Allen Wilbanks   “Grandma, why do you put milk out at night?” The old woman placed the shallow bowl on the windowsill and pushed the window open a few inches. “It’s for the pixies, dear. When they find a bowl of milk, they know we’re friendly, so they won’t come inside or do […]


by Jacek Wilkos   I dreamed about this horrible city again. I was surrounded by monstrous structures of strange shapes and impossible angles, glowing with faint greenish light. The carvings covering them portrayed bizarre symbols and creatures. I ran through this maze of distorted reality, unable to determine directions. I felt great evil, chaos crawling […]